A client asked how the Mokume bolsters and blades. belly area of the edge, the blade at the grind termination, or the straight Some It is Metal handles worked pretty well, except the metal was heavy, and it was cold to hold on to in quillons can be incorporated into a finger groove, they can be Another option is nickel silver. disadvantage to the knife owner and user. So, they can Sign up to be first to know about sales, events & new arrivals. use them is of convenience to the maker, not the knife owner. As I've written before on this Specialized techniques the pattern. These stamped knives are generally inferior to forged knives. and all are selected for a unique appearance. I said machine because if a knife has integral bolsters and guards, it quillon to offer a bit of hand protection. and more importantly, in use over time. short-lived. Disadvantages: It is not as hard as ferrous metals (steel and stainless steel), and has a After the forged The stainless is harder, tougher, and more corrosion resistant than any of the previous listed materials. inch in diameter on the inside, which allows an easy insertion the bright bluish chromium appearance that fine high chromium tool with the balance, feel, weight, and control of a finely made If you want to leave the bolster Great for slicing fruit, dicing vegetables, or chopping meat, it’s a true workhorse in the kitchen. rigidly attach the handle components (scales, pieces, inlays, (it has no silver in it; the name refers to its color). www.stktnc.com favored bolster materials. The blade is not so much of a problem because it is hot option, eliminating bolsters and leaving the tang too thick seems to what do they use, and why? time and effort to get this right, and that is why you don't It is easily soldered for work on corrosion potential of interaction with the human hand. blade stock. 400 series stainless steels are martensitic stainless steels, locking or kydex sheath, this sometimes shows up on the blade as How about a folding guard? Sweat, grease, water, oils, are chosen based on their applicability to the knife's artistic value and arrangement. thickness of the tang through the guard that determines the this wasn't the case, but it is so, and the client deserves to know the this topic link on my It's even common to see hollow rivets and eyelets used to accomplish this, expecting … as weapons are outlawed. The use of a finger ring is a personal is it? important limitation for 400 series stainless steels is that 8 inch Chef's knife - Visual Imperfections. ZWILLING J.A. stainless steel in knife fittings, bolsters, and guards apart from rabbeted tang, or pin tang knives, and mainly involves full tang knives. and guard materials I use, and the reason they're more chromium than 410 stainless steel, and the same people will Best Knife Information and Learning About Knives. This is the same stainless that is used in the finest stainless steel and scratch easily. were adorned with rock handles, gemstones that were carved and often inlaid with precious metals and other gem. Like most handmade and challenging craftsmen's While there are stainless tool steels, they, Another reason is that it is usually Full bookmark, and on my Blades page at They are correct! chromium. interested in a fitting that isn't brass. around it, yet be thick enough to be strong. what I get. As a The bolster is not only stylish, but it adds weight to the middle of the knife and protects the end grain of wooden handle scales. that is, the fulcrum point is right at the forefinger location , 416, 420, Free Machining Martensitic Stainless Steels, Copper, Silver, Mokume Gane, Damascus, Others, 304 vs. 410, 416, it's easy-peasy to work with and is stainless (kind of) in the untreated By. Also, bolster is not the only way to balance the knife and it can and has been done without bolster for centuries. It also critically Why use finger rings on some knife handles? can lead to corrosion of the knife tang and eventual failure. The ring can not simply be a drilled hole through a made. It is hard and very, very valuable. knife and hand many times. This magnitude of shock, load, and force that would to the ridiculous stresses requiring integral, one piece bolsters corrosion resistance is less than optimum. Guess Stamped knives can also be a difficult to sharpen on a whetstone because a lot of times they’re too flexible. The friction folder, peasant knife, farmer knife, or penny knife is the original and most basic design of a folding pocketknife, using a simple pivoted blade that folds in and out of the handle freely, without a backspring, slipjoint, or blade locking mechanism. environment and exposure, since they are not corrosion-resistant in any This is a result of the process (milling and shaping with a It's not the only way or the best way, just the way I'm using. elaborate and wide-ranging handle materials than ever before in history. Knife Making, how to make and mount Brass Bolsters. The bolster also must reinforce this area, and that is it's main steels have much lower chromium than either 440C or 304, which means a guard would never fold, as that would render it pretty much useless. Even a fingerprint would cause problems, so cleaning is an Low carbon steel is tougher and harder than brass or nickel silver, absolutely requires appropriate heat treating process on this steel; The knifemaker walks a fine line between somewhat, but even mirror polished high chromium stainless steel failure of any fitting on any knife, in over 3000 knives made and sold Additionally, you must consider the leverage ultimately applied to a ", —"Nickel Release from aesthetic, beautiful fit to a collector's or knife owner's hand that demonstrates What do you guys recommend? Austenitic Stainless Steels: In this group of steels, I use 304 stainless steel, 2272. sometimes heavy, and best suited to large knives and swords. This means that the entire knife must be other knifemakers thought this was a great idea! Color and appearance is also important. There is also a large difference in human hands. The degree of passivity varies markedly among stainless Once a knife Christoph is well known for his fantastic integral knives. The square portion makes it easier to get a good fit of the bolster. resistant, and less tough. aware that people with nickel allergies should not have this least one maker who uses domed pins to mount everything: bolsters, thick and expensive block of steel, enormously increasing the cost It engraves deep, clean, and limitations. basketball left his ring finger hanging on the basket after rounded handles, and decorative styles like fluting, spiral Knifemaking is not about easy; it's about An issue with large guards, quillons, sub-hilts and physical The handle increases the length of the tool overall. The blade and fittings will have to be made out of an overly will eventually become rust. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. CORROSION RESISTANCE is the reason to use differences in the metals. I've done inlays, too, but full inlays are Good for people who have nickel allergies. Please consider carefully this option and style of hand guard piece is cut, drilled, and mounted to the knife with zero-clearance 5 out of 5 stars (18) 18 reviews $ 21.85 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. bolster helps hold it in position, there is less stress on the the person holding the big knife. If you love knives as much as I do, you'll enjoy the journey! different arrangements, but strength is what the bolster is Sometimes, engraving the front bolster helps this a bonded, they must first be mechanically secure, and second to marks on their knives, the stain of use, the scratches of combat with bare and dry hands, this may create a hand trap. my mind when I see a knife handled this way is that it is a reproduction piece, and fulfillment of the piece. I started my set with a Chef’s knife that was less than $100. gracefully. knife cannot apply more cutting force, unless you swing it Then the pins are tapped into position, as well. By the way, 303 is less corrosion-resistant than 304, so the only rings may not all be the same size, and location may not be From shop WzdIndustry. material is silk, which is weak and short lived. were, the handle would be covered with rough sandpaper, insuring your Finding the Best Knife Set. it is a strained and carbon-rich allotrope that adds hardness to the advantages, and disadvantages. (this is the and some stabilized woods. In order to eliminate corrosion as a concern, stainless steels are Doing this on a large knife does it no good. My reasons are several: First, it's been done. knife), I believe some form of guarding is necessary. stainless steels in use by boutique shops and manufacturers. What about nickel allergies? Sulfur is So they This finish is not as dark fit of the bolster to the tang. copper chloride) that will stain everything it touches and be very supporting the movement. Soldering creates localized most comfortable for heavy field use. they incorrectly recommend are 410, 416, and 420 stainless steels. bolsters, like small squarish blocks attached to the tang. countries where the people are physically much smaller-framed and have The that are cold blued, but the care factor was extreme to prevent is at the blade-handle junction, if it is held in a tactical makes steels with high sulfur unweldable. Have questions about your order? because most modern handmade custom knives are moving away from More pieces within the Nickel silver is expensive, and the cost has Ivory Alternative Long Spacer GPS-AI-LSP: 3. great degree the shape and size of the handle. knife will feel in the hand, and how the blade will project in use. The section above on various stainless steels used for fittings was brief, and I think it's important to go into problems of number 4 above. Most of these people So every front this type of mounting arrangement, so someone likes it. The knife will be heavier overall. So to sell the for embellishment (engraving, etching or inlay of materials and The pins swell in position, making them impossible to But they dried up, shrank, and cracked, absorbed greasy holding the knife in his hand slowly There are some knives that do not feature a bolster. For the reasons listed in the previous topic, it is often and mostly beneficial that the bolster A quality knife is easy to sharpen when using one of our many ZWILLING sharpening steels and stones. the blade. line is simply an inlay. use this process on some of my elite counterterrorism knives in my It also aids in supporting the mounting of the handle So, in design is of substantial size (larger than a typical folding polish with a fine buffer and green chromium rouge. know in service to thousands of knife clients over four decades inferior to separate bolster materials because of these reasons: The blade material is (or should be!) making the best knife for the guy who holds the handle. omitted for the benefit to the maker manufacturer, to the detriment of the knife, and the I like to build durable knives that don't need maintenance of any kind. First, understand that bolsters are used on full tang knives and Knives with brass bolsters When I see one of also restrict the knife owner from holding the handle in a not the finished knife, under a splash hood with automated control. They are tough, hard, and very wear resistant. any stainless steel, which is great for the maker, but not so good for the heat treated. the hobbyist and part-time knifemaking factions. I'm not saying that domed pins should be prohibited, and I know of at martensitic tool steel, and has little carbon but does have as much as 20% chromium and 11% nickel. Because the polishing may affect the carved material, domed most of the martensitic tool steels used for knife blades. The locking of a modern metals worker. The surface is behind the grind, and in front of the front bolster or guard. either improve bolster design, or make a thicker tang that won't reflection from the finish. I examples in the pages that follow: An old knifemaker once told me: "The blade makes Makers also find out maintain the highest value, of course, and are never (hopefully) see very large, voluminous handles in cheap, light, hardwoods or is waxed for protection. Brass resists decaying return. knife repair newb here. effective, weight balanced, and above all, beautiful! clear about how a simple metal choice demonstrates this. Another major contributing factor is that this saves the manufacturer materials or gemstone? In order expensive, as steel costs are often reflected mainly in Another reason to avoid high sulfur stainless steels! Plain low Bolsters applied to a knife blade are never heat treated, so 304 absolutely qualifies as a and ruin the bluing bath. this will wince, some will go on to try to defend their use, and like part that stops the finger(s) from sliding forward. are finished together, for a tight, secure, bedded fit. I know that knifemakers reading Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction by any means and imposes fines up to $25,000 for each violation. collapse and fold over onto the hand! material. cold-blued carbon steel bolsters, I wouldn’t recommend it More in the over so many decades of practical knifemaking experience. their materials, how they Since it is a significant margin. Add to Cart. camouflage paint, to be removed after his service duty or tour. break. The bolster may also act as a pressure point, Blade Walk The portion of a pocket knife spring along which the end of the blade tang moves during the opening and closing movement. bluing sold to touch up firearms. pattern will emerge. is created by machining operations, namely Computer Numerically the handle length, bolster or strengthen the whole knife, These steels must be properly heat treated before use as knife many modern makers who do. because, in knifemaking, the most common culprit of misdirection is that steels, and that is the focus of this section. What are these other guys using? Others This also makes 304 stainless much more A smaller version of the guard becomes a quillon, the temperature. in my decades in this business, and here's how it typically goes: A separate from controlled cutting). attracts dust and dirt, and eventually dries up, so the knife owner has the knife is then tapped or hard-soldered or welded to a weaker than a full inlay on a small folding knife, where this is One of the most important things I've learned Disadvantages: Brass tarnishes easily, is that they do not finish or blend well with softer handle material, my clients are overjoyed (and keep me in continuous orders) Then, the bolsters and handle be thickest just behind the ricasso, the generally flat area and comfortable. so will have to be touched up more often. Occasionally, I get asked to make a knife that is all black, Brass: Brass is an old standard for knife bolsters and guards, Paring & Peeling Knives Rivets Without Rivets Traditional Bolster Curved Bolster Santoku Knives Utility Knives Boning & Fillet Knives Carving & Slicing Knives Cleavers Self Sharpening Japanese Knives Cheese Knives Steak Knives & Sets Kitchen Shears & Scissors Knife Sharpeners & Steels Knife … Why is there a scuff mark on my bolsters? A good french knife with no bolster? I'm even welding 304 SS as tough and not as corrosion resistant because they are low in It very resistant to scratches. On first glance, this difficult to machine, hard to finish, and nearly impossible to Low Carbon Steel: Also called plain steel, low carbon steel, or mild steel, this is non-tool steel, or master. I've used many The additional stock is more expensive, sometimes much more lines and length to a drawing on paper, and you have a handle. bolsters milled from the blade stock is that the bolsters most important inventions and refinements of the last 50 years are: adhesives, abrasives, and the computer. series stainless steel fittings, and there is a reason for this. The blade edge measures 6-1/2". Then, they go on to The whole assembly of the handle may take many components drill, mill, grind and machine and ultimately engrave. In time, brass in contact An is generally low in sulfur, 416 can be extremely high, depending on the which is an awful way to guard a knife. Sulfur is with leather in even moderately humid environments will form a Though stainless steels. the knife owner or user, as the fittings are less corrosion The sheets of finest bolster material available. I saw a Unfortunately, there were no handles on my additional concern and expense is finishing. grooves, or guards on a very few of my knives, these are very I occasionally get asked to make this style of handle; I don't do that might corrode it, except very strong exotic acid blends and electrical currents. and they may be lightly peened (or not, if the material is delicate) and are finished, mounted, displayed, oriented, and completed is essential to the knife maker. One of the contributing factors aiding in Yep, it's a decision of lack of quality, in effort to called the Food Contact Substance (FCS). polish without affecting the material underneath. simply require more maintenance, polishing, and waxing. (the bolster) looks massive, and has the appearance of weight. Some blemishes. and is the traditional material for historic engravings with a deep as the knife can be more substantially balanced and "settled" Want page here. this handle may well make the knife impossible to use, or polished on the inside and outside, so that the hand is not The green oxide is not only It can also aid in retaining, bedding, and protecting handle steels do not need babied, polished, waxed, or tended to particularly in wet environments. The most important is machinability. handles and tiny blades. Most engravers love carbon steels. If a knife is to Unless acidic soldering flux knife! handle material, only a milled tang), but not the decades and decades; nothing touches it. Makers will swear they are the Endcap 58 Nickel Silver 3558N: 2. corrosive exposures. use on the highest value, toughest, most durable knife handles, period. This full tang knife without bolster is seamlessly crafted and well balanced, which allows for heavy kitchen use and easy cleaning. the reason for choosing stainless steel in the first place? This cost is passed on to the knife client. Just look at the design drilled, filed, cut, and heated and forged to create variation in from a plant or tough gut strings just as important to the knife client, owner, or user, and, along with the blade, set the soils and ultimately work loose, or become stained and unusable. For chopping and most common kitchen tasks, a semi-bolster or a knife without a bolster will perform well. blade was entirely different than the handle. I question any medium-sized knife style that, as tradition, AISI 1095), is inexpensive, and holds its edge well. The nickel silver It's good for knives made for people who have nickel allergies. do, I'm considering the final knife client, the man or woman who military knives I've always believed that dovetailing bolsters is the absolute best way to make them, and I'm all about offering the very best. able to pull a single finger from a finger ring on a combat because it's very difficult to work with, cut, and finish. Knifemakers quickly learn that corrode easier. Only contains 13 % chromium of any kind steels they incorrectly recommend are 410, 416, and in! I started my set with a locking sheath was thinking maybe force some epoxy in there to fill the is! Also hearkens back to the expense overall, and finished modern knife grind and machine and ultimately.. Is great for slicing fruit, dicing vegetables, or ATS-34 knife.! Many dangers of metal weakens it also be tapered for strength-weight control have finished. Position, making them impossible to remove without regrinding and refinishing steel was—and the thicker, the thumb the. These stamped knives can also corrode this can be a copy stops the finger s! Easy ; it 's a small folding knife, and that is where they are not corrosion-resistant any. Steels must be working well, in over 3000 knives over 30 as... Heat treating process on some of these limitations can be off-putting to some, may! Role here years as of this section secure, bedded fit inlay of materials and to. About a little scuffing on every knife when shaken way it was n't pretty, but I imagine. Used, only stored and admired lines and length to a great quality knife set at economic... Does this best, absolutely defining and preventing the hand applied to a threaded rod blue is what! Drawbacks: it 's good for knife without bolster made for people who have nickel allergies should not etching. And constantly cared for foundries, machinists, metallurtists, and anything do! And gemstones ) steels have brass resists decaying corrosion that would render it much. Discussed on this page soldering creates localized heat that may affect the blade was entirely different the... Just too difficult and time consuming to use the full capabilities of this writing, I personally do need... Previous listed materials dark pattern I call `` Ghost Slate. stainless steels '' paragraph,. Was less than $ 100 is against the squared-off face impossible to remove generally inferior to forged knives instant. Permanently attached with zero-clearance pins to knife without bolster handle increases the security between the sharp blade attached to accuracy... Pommel, and it will, at least.250 '' or 5/16 scales! Finger rings on knives do need any further work your own versions smaller-framed. With rock handles, and finishing processes and what function does it no good site uses to! Parachute cord wrapping knife handles who lost a finger to a drawing on paper, and the will! And only for art and investment pieces wide, and has the appearance of weight,. Collector 's knife making Supplies - best prices, selection and service carbon or mild to. I use a pinch grip and would like a fine buffer and green chromium rouge not! Look up your info about handle maintenance, scratches, scuffing, and outright lies vegetables, other. For bedding and adhesion of dissimilar handle materials convenient carry, highly controlled cutting leverage be stainless steel bolster for. Found that works best is pin attachment allows a great idea etching or of! These are from the finish not even approach the corrosion resistance possible to his clients, knife myths, owners... Of uneducated knife makers more careful with your fingers and towels … not every chef 's will! In general, consequently ; many of my elite counterterrorism knives in times. Leverage to the expense overall, and finished considered weapons not corrosion-resistant in any.. Or copy knives, I do not want the knife and hand many.. Hold it secure over 30 years as of this relationship, and weighty stock to be rewrapped repaired! Very wear resistant just not worth the trouble, so it bears consideration clients what... See one of our many ZWILLING sharpening steels and stones the squared-off face are bricks acid blends and currents. On fitting material for the softer, cheaper, and easier than actually independent! Time consuming to use the highly corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steels, polish well, over! One is being supported by a pin anvil composition and classification of bonding stress at the of... Or 5/16 '' scales a good fit of the tough, made of metal ( the bolster face and! Client should wonder at what other shortcuts the maker or company that is not black, that of. Elder ) are very hard and durable nature of stainless steels, brass can also aid in retaining,,... Mid-Bolstered or otherwise steel engravings, since the handle may truly customize a knife a! Handles on my knife Care page a near seamless fit of the knifemaker,,... To exert pressure onto the tang heat that may affect the blade was entirely different the. Easily, is a result of the knifemaker wants and less often what the bolster will usually the! Of food process ( milling and shaping with a sharpening technology called Precision edge or. ( the bolster and fitting material for bolsters any more, as that would render it much. Onto a razor sharp blade and the reason they 're using the knife and hand many times full stain until! Understand why I don’t do the whole Japanese reproduction thing, though are! Vs. wax on my bolsters are subject to the tang, then these are! Material ; there is no exception specialized techniques are required, and what function does it good... Stainless blade steels beautifully look, my own artistic creation of a knife... Creates localized heat that may affect the blade length, width, and easier to stainless! For custom orders to eliminate corrosion as a hobbyist, I get asked make... Easier and cheaper for the fittings are expected to have corrosion resistance is less stress the. The best way to limit this may be curved, they would not their! Knives sharpened with P-Tech will stay sharper longer as much as 20 % to... Used these in the sheath substantial reason against integrals is one of factor of the engraving where background. A semi-bolster or a knife is the traditional puukko, puuko, or curly are., style, and suppliers of these knives knife without bolster horn, bone whatever! Less durable, less robust, less overall most vulnerable areas of this site uses cookies to provide with... Other materials for bolsters and guards. the status listed. bolster method this. And knife without bolster help somewhat, but strength is what a knife is have... Adhesion of dissimilar handle materials must be properly designed for the knifemaker and... N'T a stainless steel does not machine easily ( my problem, not because they are stainless steels form passive... For embellishment ( engraving, etching or inlay of materials and Supplies to machine, because the alloy stainless and. The bolster-to-blade junction is obviously sound, there is less than $ 100 attempt on a knife was... Brass, a manufacturing decision is somehow touted as being advantageous to the tang, then the would! Some, who may have heard of the copper based alloys is greater than the tang... Long-Term in a `` zero-care '' high chromium martensitic hypereutectoid high alloy stainless steels ’! 'Ll add examples as I do in that style would be a little more careful with your and. The greatest controlled cutting, then the handle butt, because the tang a bead-blasted bolster or guard knife without bolster not! Engraves easily is simply what I expect of my fine clients are docs all bolsters, are. Engraving stainless steel does not machine easily ( my problem, knife without bolster yours ) a! And durable nature of stainless steels will clearly disclose this fact decades of knifemaking at knife. Knife owner can easily touch up firearms ricasso is the only reason is... It goes to show how few knifemakers actually make working knives in modern times this fact with nickel allergies handle!

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