It is unbelievably easy! Will it ruin the colored close? I was so upset by the yellow stains on the clothes I packed away after washing them. Getting Yellow Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes? I’m hoping this works as well for us as it has for y’all. Moms, please don’t despair! It’s so heart breaking, but don’t even think about throwing them away. I have to thank you, so very much, for this amazing remedy!!!! Number one will be 8 in August, number two just turned 5 a week ago. And I was surprised to see they have yellow stains on them, I don’t even know how they got there. This saved the day. This worked great and now I’m a little obsessed with OxiClean! OxiClean stain remover in the spray bottle works like a charm.. no need for soaking and 6 scoops of soap. I was planning to give them to a friend who is getting ready to have a baby and due to a variety of circumstances, has very few options as far as baby clothes go. I’m always amazed and slightly vexed by the ugly yellow stains that magically appear on clean baby clothes after being in storage. No need to separate! I have a front loading washer, so I’m not sure if I should follow the same instructions- the clothes won’t necessarily all be soaking. It also reacts with diaper blow outs so that they wash right out. But I was sad. Answering Questions: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood. I just pulled out baby clothes, looking for gender neutral for our 3rd as well. Is there any way of knowing whether they will re-appear AGAIN down the road? Hi moms- So I was going through all of my first daughters clothes that I have saved (she's almost 2) for my second daughter who is 3 … How to Determine When You have Enough Stuff. Just curious about when you ran a “normal wash cycle” – did you add an additional detergent at that point – oxyclean or otherwise? Sleep Training Success without (Many) Tears. There may … Twenty years ago, I stain treated, cleaned and appropriately stored for long-term storage my son’s baby clothes on the hopes that one day there might be a precious grandbaby to bestow these upon. The boy clothes did not escape the yellow-plague by any means either. So, I’m sure you can imagine the shock and horror I experienced when I opened up the first container to find a mysterious yellow staining on almost all of my baby clothes! I am very sentimental and treasure her tiny little baby clothes. I used a plastic spoon to keep the clothes submerged but stirred the solution with my hands trying to dissolve the powder. Wool can shrink when washed. I’ve been washing them like a maniac all night and the dyes are permanently staining them. Wonder how many clothes are thrown away because of this fixable problem. However, there are a variety of ways to eliminate those yellow stains. Follow recommendations on a garment's care tag, and take clothing to a professional dry cleaner if the fabric is delicate. I used a large metal stir stick to saturate the clothes but did manage to get quite a bit on my hands checking on the clothes prior to putting on the gloves. I was so excited when my husband and I took our daughters clothes out of storage. Su_ Posted 23/05/2013. I’ve stumbled on the PERFECT solution! Before I saw this post I had run some white Onesies with just soap and bleach, they did Not do well. Updated on April 27, 2009 L.L. Costa Rica and Puerto Rico Visit, Part 1 | Lazing about at a resort, Puerto Rico, Part 2 | Eating our Way Through Old San Juan, Where to Stay & What to Eat in Puerto Rico. While no vaccine may be available, rest assured that there is an easy cure! I’ve tried lemon juice, vinegar, and bleach, etc., and it’s not going well. I filled two large 10 gallon plastic tubs with warm water and six scoops of Oxiclean each. Thanks! Since hormones and emotions are a bit heightened presently, I came close to calling it all a loss and throwing away all of the totally ruined-hopeless-grossly yellowed clothes. (When I told my husband about it all he was happy but, I guarantee you, hasn’t given it a thought since.) Just like the clothing in your photos. (Us mothers, we do so try!) Awesome! It seemed like an insane amount of detergent to put in a load but I was trusting the directions. I stained treated each article of clothing with spray Shout and then placed in a tub. I found you blog through Google and tried you method. I just did this trick with Set in, haven’t been washed in 3 years, stains. What was suggested in the blog! Imagine my shock when I discovered roughly 3-5% of our stored clothes were covered in disgusting yellow stains around the neckline area!

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