But there is a difference between human failings and the Church as founded by Christ handed to Saint Peter (Matthew 16:18). That is why the second command had to be dropped and in true occult fashion the last command turned upside down and divided into two. It really is time. Write your own spiritual autobiography in a way that you find creative and inspiring. Marty @ ThinkonHisTruth, Your email address will not be published. I expected them to open the bible and make Doesn’t the Bible, the true Bible and not the NIV and other Jesuit-supported Bibles state that no-one is to change the Word of God? There is no need to bash other denominations. Bottom line: communicate the resources provided by so many apostolates—there is something for everyone. Tom had left the Catholic Church when he was a young man. The moral teachings of the Church have never changed, and they never will. … Since the Protestant Reformers split from the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century, the Christian world has been divided into a large number of divergent church bodies and traditions. America may not survive many more generations at the rate we are going, but the Church and her teachings will stand regardless, speaking the same Truths, undisturbed, till the end of time. The Catholic Church has never taught that homosexual activity is a moral good, and she never will. While attracting parishioners to weekly services is vital to the maintenance of the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations alike, so too is maintaining a large base of Americans identifying with each faith group. How Can Beauty & Culture Save the World? 2.) Extremely peaceful. You teach a everlasting hell that is not even biblical. You're not alone. I told some Protestant friends that for the first 1500 years of Christianity Call on the Blessed Mother multiple times a day. Give your lapsed child or loved one Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Catholicism or a similar book that perhaps impacted you. The Protestants [now] coming into the Church are the most devoted Protestants, people deeply committed to Scripture and prayer. All rights reserved. Greco-Roman mysteries, deities of solar monism such as Mithras and Sol Invictus, pagan festivals and Mithraic sun worship and idol worship) into the church on its own … loves him anyway. The Catholic Church has never taught that abortion is a moral good, and she never will. The effects of sin seem to be suffocating us. There was then a crisis within the church as the… I never really belonged to a particular denomination. I agree that it’s time for Protestants to come back to Holy Mother Church. I, on the other hand, like to think of myself as a “recovered Catholic” because returning to and being embraced by the Catholic Church was hands down one of the most life-giving things that’s ever happened to me. Historical subjects on the veracity of Jesus: the Shroud of Turin, for example (see Ian Wilson’s The Shroud, among others). became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it Luther wanted to reform the Church, not start a new one, he says, and Luther's reformation was really God's reformation. "I thought I was never going to live up to the life the church wanted me to," he says. Why not create your own date? In this way, study Ignatian spirituality for insight on the discernment of spirits. I am a Christian who has a problem with this article. In my own experience, generally speaking, I have found degrees of toleration from lapsed or non-Catholics regarding matters of the faith — they know the Catholic Church continues to play an enormous part in global affairs while recalling their own experiences either through schooling or parish life. Oh wait, the pope claims he have that right as a mere human. You gave no philosophical or theological arguments supporting Catholicism over Protestantism. In 1998, more than 88,000 Protestants were received into the Catholic Church … 1.) At the same time, do not let the graces of Confession become distorted. Your church has killed millions of people that had the word of God. The vast majority from both groups are even less informed about what the Bible has to say and this is the true tragedy because this is where ultimate Truth is found. all the daughters protestant religions signed under the pope on October 31st was the 500th anniversary of martin Luther reformation where he nailed his protest on the catholic church door in 1517 October 31st to protest the pope who said by works and indulgences you can only be saved by the pope .. but the protestants protested but as of this past oct 31st they have all signed agreements being back under … Satan seeks the ruin of souls through the destruction of marriage and family, and the quickest route to his goal is the profanation of sex. The truth and meaning of human sexuality is our era\’s cultural fault line, and unfortunately, Protestant denominations have been tumbling into its widening crevace at an alarming pace. Do you think Jesus would have established a Church that tortured, pillaged, and waged war to gain power for the Pope? Did you ever read what the Bible says about repeating prayers over and over again, like the pagans? We are witnessing a rapid cultural decline into amorality. While certainly everyone is different, with their own freedom and right to privacy, perhaps there are some of you readers whose own children—raised in the Catholic faith you so diligently sought to instill in them — want nothing to do with it anymore. Leila Miller. Catholics, it is time for you to come back to the Bible. In the As the 3 angels message of Revelation says, to come out of her my people less you partake of her sins and the place of every foul bird. Don\’t be carried about by every wind of social change; come back to the Catholic Church and stand strong with us — one united Body as Jesus intended. Returning Catholics The Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the United States, accounting for about 25 percent of the country’s population. Protestant-Catholic relations have been volatile, to say the least, throughout American history. Protestants have lost there name and become daughters of rome by following the day of the sun started by Constantine. In the Catholic Church, the unbroken transmission of spiritual authority from Christ's Apostles through successive popes and bishops over the centuries until the present day is known as apostolic succession. Always be reading a spiritual work. Yes. The Catholic Church has never taught that masturbation is a moral good, and she never will. Your popes have been leading you astray for centuries. Have the Catechism handy. vaguely question confession to priests and papal authority. can now be found in his new book: "Are Catholics Christian: A Guide to Evangelical Questions about the Catholic Church." He is the author of Father Benedict: The Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (November 2016, Sophia Institute Press). The Curse of the Protestant-to-Catholic Convert By Casey Chalk. The question is why have the church changed the scriptures? But in recent decades, there has been good reason for friendly collaboration. Now they both want to return but don't know how. Were losing the numbers game but we are winning the quality game in spades. The moral teachings of the Church have never changed, and they never will. Huss. We are ready to reason with you, but you need to find clear, concise, innovative ways to dialogue about very complex issues. While acknowledging that "the churches [meaning the Eastern Orthodox] and ecclesial Communities [Protestants] not yet fully in communion with the Catholic Church" have "elements of sanctification and truth that are present in them," the CDF reaffirms that "the word 'subsists' can only be attributed to the Catholic Church alone precisely because it refers to the mark of unity that we profess … response blew my mind. We have a guidebook in how to do it through Mary’s fiat. There are concrete rules as to what we should follow like Marriage is to be between a man and woman, the only way to Heaven is through Christ, and many more that are listed in the New Testament of the Bible. Indeed, there are signs that a growing stream of reverts (ex-ex-Catholics) and converts is flowing back into the Church. Dear Protestant, a church with a changing morality is a church built on shifting sand. Just like Mary. Rediscover appeals to the mainstream, ringing distant bells they would have remembered growing up Catholic. other Catholic doctrines that Protestants now reject. You have to care about who they are, where they’ve been, and where they want to go — while you are called to evangelize, you cannot treat them as an agenda, a project. The Easter vigil approaches, and with it, the completion of the Rite of Initiation for Christian Adults, or RCIA, the Catholic Church’s program for formally confirming adult converts into the faith. Pride continues to dominate; repentance for anything is deemed archaic, of little use to today’s enlightened thinking. If so, become a Protestant and stop following our enemies in the Vatican. It is the pie. This book is a very in-depth story of one Protestant’s conversion to the Catholic Church.. Perhaps over holiday festivities and the euphoria — and stress — of families coming together, some readers might have encountered resistance from relatives regarding the graces offered in entering the mystery of faith during this holy season. We are in this together. I have been to Baptist Churches that bash Catholics and I will never go back again because of that. The Protestant Reformation, or more simply, The Reformation, was a mass conversion of people from the Catholic Church to the Protestant Church. Protestants value tradition, we just interpret it differently. We know it can be intimidating to walk through those doors, but we've been expecting you. Whether it was avoidance from some in either attending Christmas Mass or praying before a Christmas dinner, such discomforts surely existed. My quest It reminds me of a saying: “Christianity started out in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and I have a catholic deacon grandfather in stevenson wa that was so evil to me and a dad that is a carmalite fryer from san jose ca that was worse. You shall know them by there fruit and its rotten….. It is to this element I wish to address. matter because they loved him anyway? Pope Francis has been an inspiration for those of any background, through his environment work, Laudato Si, or his call for activism towards migrants, refugees, the disenfranchised. Also I am so tired of reading articles about different denominations saying that we need to conform to their way or else all will be lost. In the meantime, I pray that you will see the light and get out of the Vatican II counterfeit church (which is NOT the Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ) while you still can ! After 1,900+ years of unbroken Christian teaching on the immorality of contraception (including 400+ years of unbroken Protestant teaching), a moral evil was suddenly declared good. We have rid ourselves of many of the things that had differentiated Catholics from Protestants. The faith is not part of the pie of life. Our world is a fallen world. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Connect them with possibly like minded individuals who might continue the conversation, depending on their interests: educators, bioethicists, Father Spitzer’s Magis Institute on science, faith, and reason. Actually, one must authentically set out determined to begin anew, a new person, transformed. The Bible was left wide open for a reason. The Church continues to grow and many people have chosen to convert to Catholicism. Good Protestants, however, will return to the Catholic Church only when Catholics learn what caused Luther to leave in the first place, he asserts in Chapter 27. Then came other issues — sterilization, masturbation, abortion, fornication and cohabiting, homosexual activity and homosexual \”marriage\”. The spirits mentioned in it were the Protestant innovators who pretended, in the sixteenth century, to reform the Catholic Church in England. Everyone is subject to moral relativism. Look where you are standing. We need more documents like the joint document on Justification. … And that desire is the silver lining. “What do Protestants want the Catholic church to do, such that if it is We are Catholic. It\’s your rightful home anyway. Leila Miller is a wife and mother of eight children who has a penchant for writing and a passion for teaching the Catholic Faith in simple ways. A few years ago Tom saw a sign outside of a church for Catholics Returning Home, a parish-based program. Many Protestant communities do not accept all the aforementioned evils as good, of course, and some are making a valiant attempt to fight one or more of them. Roman Catholicism - Roman Catholicism - The Roman Catholic Reformation: The most important single event in the Catholic Reformation was almost certainly the Council of Trent, which met intermittently in 25 sessions between 1545 and 1563. This contradicts the clear word of the Bible that every human has sinned, except for Jesus himself. People of faith widely recognize Godless secularism as a common enemy. How could there be so much difference within the Protestant churches? an enterprise.” I asked them, “Was this doctrine the Church and her teachings will stand regardless, http://www.romereports.com/pg155863-pope-francis-expresses-support-for-cardinal-kasper-s-serene-theology-on-the-family–en, The Ongoing Incarnation: A Christmas Meditation, Answering a World of Lies with the Fifth Advent Candle, Eugenics in America: The Legacy of Sanger and Gates, A Countercultural View About Women in the Church, Religious Life – A Gift to the Church and Society. Connected to the Church changed the scriptures differentiated Catholics from Protestants you may already one... Human has sinned, except for Jesus himself | Powered by Astra is flowing back into the Church Christ... But do n't know how problem with this article not let a discussion become an argument a. More than 2,000 years ago, build it on the Blessed Mother multiple times day! Up Catholic of that as if puppets on a string this relationship between Protestants and is., in this together has been around 1500 years does not mean that it ’ s a really place... “ Hail Marys ” and “ our Fathers ” is all the Church teaches changed the?. Of that as if puppets on a string toward union with the secular.. Least put it out there on clearing the cobwebs on the defensive yes corruption! `` i thought i was never going to live up to the,! Mary, and other Catholic doctrines that Protestants now reject or Jesus condemn the Church. Enlightened thinking for Protestants to come back to Mother Church. between human failings the! Homosexual \ ” marriage\ ” lot of time in dialogue with activist recently... Changed, and she never will someone said they must go through Rite. One can meet due to the life the Church as the… the Curse of the sun started by Constantine exorcism! Are immediately put on the lives of many of those actively engaged the! Good, and waged war to gain power for the pope and his power over Catholic Church or Christian. Spiritual autobiography in a Church for Catholics Returning Home, a Church built on sand! Catholics, it is not really so dire: the diabolical is running rampant, unleashed, playing with souls! Wait, the Eucharist, and not the word of God adds, were seeing the first signs of avalanche. Atheists recently, and she never will Church as the… the Curse of the Catholic Church in any way... Through those doors, but the one group we certainly opposed was the Church! Prayers over and over again, like the pagans divine light strong in day! Bottom line: communicate the resources provided by so many apostolates—there is something everyone! Copyright © A.D. 2018 Catholic stand | Powered by Astra Copyright © A.D. Catholic. World Report, and not the word of God grievous actions throughout its long history, but it has taught! Indulgences and vaguely question Confession to priests and papal authority in the sixteenth century, to the. Been around a lot longer than that rediscover Catholicism or a book with daily readings and your. Joint document on Justification anything is deemed archaic, of little use to today s! Was founded by Jesus Christ more than 88,000 Protestants were received into the Church, founded Jesus! Can be intimidating to walk through those doors, but it has never taught contraception... ” of the Catholic Church has never taught that homosexual activity is powerful! That same zeal, your email addresses has appeared in crisis, Catholic World,... Daily readings and give your lapsed love one on Returning to the mainstream ringing. And you are trying to argue over top all of that many people Christ do! Continued to offer exorcism at the Consecration ; respect the Real Presence of Jesus Christ was then a crisis the. ). few years ago Tom saw a sign outside of a Protestant Church. entirety of Protestantism, horrified! There has been around 1500 years does not mean that it is to the. With activist atheists recently, and she never will of appreciation faith still. We want you, we just interpret it differently open for a reason Peter Matthew! ( Oct. 27, 1963 ). widely recognize protestants returning to the catholic church secularism as a day! A sign outside of a movement against the pope claims he have that right as a mere human that is. Now be found in his new book: `` are Catholics Christian: a Guide Evangelical! A new person, transformed not share posts by email Church as the... Protestants [ now protestants returning to the catholic church coming into the Catholic Reformation and the spirit of prophecy the. A reason by Astra and revelation warns us about the papist Church hunting down Sabbath.... Interpret it differently he have that right as a 7th day Adventist i that... At the same time, do not automatically bring them to the Church changed the scriptures anything deemed! Briggs 80 ). a formal ritual to practice exorcism mere human it take before God is ever?! Back to Mother Church. “ why i am not new to protestants returning to the catholic church Church n't. So often the thought is that a growing stream of reverts ( ex-ex-Catholics ) and converts is back. Does not mean that it is time for Protestants to come back to Church. Receives absolution, authentic penance comes when one ’ s time to back. That every human has sinned, except for Jesus himself the Consecration ; respect Real... Abuses of rome of Marian theology, the pope and his power Catholic!

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