I can’t imagine what people who live through those illnesses go through but I think he did a pretty good job of bringing all those emotions across to the screen and to his audience. hahaha. JAC Aug 04 2016 3:00 pm OMG can't wait <3. i feel that the actor and actress are doing a good job but just that the story is to whiny, i feel that the last few episode are going to be nice i guess... hopefully the rating will make it to the top 20 at least for the last few episode... debbie pajarillo Sep 02 2016 1:15 am Give the best until the end KBS! Reality is Suzy's acting is horrible. . I really love Kim Woo Bin but then Suzy does not do for me. Uf is way bttr than W. KWB fighting!!!! EP 10 left me crying....This really was a heartbreaking ep. Two episode left :'( FIGHTING UF! i love woozy!! I hope I like her. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) I don't know, maybe you're so much expert to be in her role rather than her✌ anyway, this drama has ended and I just hope to watch more K-dramas as I'm an enthusiast fan from Malaysia. SEE U ONE DAY AND KISS YOU TENDERLY HEHEHE. It was filmed beautifully. I feel bad for the actors in this one. Biane Aug 29 2016 2:12 pm @Ola.. Ggh Mar 22 2016 7:54 pm Marie Frane Aug 05 2016 7:14 pm Kim Woo Bin is definitely my fave actor, his acting skills are off the charts, I mean hats off to him. V Apr 29 2018 1:37 am Well done. My brother haunts me everytime saying that this drama will not end well!! Eka Sep 04 2016 10:54 pm Turns out he's Jong Young"s brother. Kyaaaahhh!!! Hope Jul 01 2016 7:34 am nice drama Sep 05 2016 8:55 pm Waaaaah i so love this drama ~ this will rock k-drama eventually ~ it's full of myteries and love .. it already made me cry ~ i'll keep on waiting for the next ep ! But why i'm still more enthusiastic to watch UF than W? fake04 Jul 15 2016 8:18 pm But then, could not continue just bcuz the character noh eul is just sooo unlikeable. hoho <3, No eul Jul 10 2016 9:41 am Jin Ho Aug 11 2016 5:58 pm Hope to see more drama this 2017... jinjoo Apr 21 2017 12:16 am Doremi345 Jan 02 2016 5:05 pm I watch it over and over again until new episode gets sub. Big Boss Jul 07 2016 11:35 pm DO you think its related? It is the same story all over again.... in each episode.. cecy Aug 29 2016 11:22 am Joom Young I have the same thoughts. Kim woo bin and suzy (awesome ) waiting for next episode. toyeen8 Jul 15 2016 3:11 am I would cringe in every scene that she made a scene or stalked his house. i believe this drama can famous like dots. Good job woobin oppa! All the actors did a good job especially Kim Woo Bin. Its a good drama so I hope Koreans who watches this show is not concerned about ratings. To all the bashers in this page, you obviously just don't like one of the casts in general (majority Suzy haters). I just loved the chemistry the two had together. Ok lets just see if this drama can bet dots , ok just watch. This drama could have been a 10 but she dragged it down to a 5. Decided to skip to the last 2 episodes. elie Jul 20 2016 8:25 pm Anyone giving less than 10⭐ must be crazy. Kim Woo Bin had surreal acting skills. I really love suzy and woobin couple. I'm sorry. I miss Kim Woo-Bin.I'm glad he is in a new drama.I hope this drama will be good. In my opinion, the acting in this series is beyond best as it can make audiences in to it and, for some people, even cry. Elizabeth Aug 18 2016 7:10 am >.< Okay we know he's dying, but the people he is around are insensitive to the real man. Would recommend if you love melodramas. That song make me cry while watching the drama.. But I have still hopes for that drama, so fighting! I hope he gets well soon. He is a great actor and i'm really hoping that i can See him in many many many More dramas. As much as I love KWB, I choose "handsome hubby" for eul. This is great drama! Anon May 12 2016 12:46 pm Lee Elliya Yoo Na Supporting Role. this was good, Linda Sep 17 2017 12:18 am Skuzy Aug 11 2016 11:52 am . Zahra May 19 2020 9:26 am Znane też jako: Indiscreetly Fondly, Lightly Ardently, Arbitrarily Fond, Recklessly Affectionate, Hamburo Aeteuthage, 함부로 애틋하게 Na podstawie: pomysł oryginalny Gatunek: melodramat Ilość odcinków: 20 x 70 min. Fighting UF, rey Aug 31 2016 8:36 pm Love Choi Ji Tae too ;p, Oppa Sep 19 2016 3:54 am Cho Jung Aug 12 2016 9:51 pm I just wondering if anyone notice the white feathers in Eps 1 (Joon young dying scene) and episode 4 when No Eul got hit. Illa G Apr 16 2016 11:46 pm but that still does not make her a good actress. Choi Ji Tae, why don't you confess your love to No Eul? gjtam Oct 09 2016 6:31 am This drama surely will have a high ratings but just because the both lead, kim woo bin and bae suzy. can't wait for this drama! Fighting!!! We will still love you suzy. No Jik (fiatalon) – Kim Hyun-Bin Kim Yoo-Na ... Uncontrollably Fond OST Vol.1 (2016.07.29) TRACKLIST: Picture In My Head (Kim Woo Bin) Find The Difference (Kisum & Im Seulong) My Heart Tells Me (Kim Na Young) Only U (Junggigo) I Miss You (Hyorin) Don't Push Me (Wendy & Seulgi) “Uncontrollably Fond” Dizisinin Uzun Fragmanı Yayımlandı alie | 5-07-2016, 16:41. this drama really moved my heart Im just saying the facts one, gotta be chill huh? She values money over justice and kisses up to those with more power than her. Ruth Jun 29 2016 10:15 am Like the love story of No Eul and Shin Joon Young. Kyeoptaaa!! I love the interaction between no eul and Joon young's mother. Susan Jul 06 2016 10:48 pm ayse Sep 08 2016 11:00 am This is a must watch drama and I love every episodes as it draws you. Wish Lee Min Ho and Suzy happy dating life. It's good when not everything is on the surface (I guess this just shows how the writers aren't underestimating their viewers). This drama so boring, i am sorry, HanNie Jul 06 2016 11:11 am Nice work uncontrollably fond team. For me, I love kim woo bin and I love Han hyo joo too. Firstly this drama is really unique and it's shooting style as it's one of the first and only Korean dramas that I'm really aware of that's being completely film shot and edited before it's ever officially order released on TV as opposed to most Korean dramas that are air and shot at the same time. Just my opinion if this drama that Suzy play what Woo bin role is ,it will definitely very challenging and exciting to watch . Blossom Aug 25 2016 11:06 pm What can I say?always ♡♡&♡ this drama! Producción Editar Uncontrollably Fond comenzó sus grabaciones el 26 de noviembre de 2015, [ 6 ] finalizando el 12 de abril de 2016. I am really excited for the next episode I am loving this drama thank u kdrama KBS2 and Mannat Atwal. From what i knew. I can feel it! Jule Jan 18 2016 2:32 am one of the best drama in 2016 most of dramas have happy ending that is very difficult to find happy ending in our real life but this drama made the reality that at the end of the day everyone wil die Kim Woo-Bin acted very nice is one of my favorite actor, Lee Seo-Won i wish to see him in more dramas, violet Nov 06 2016 12:04 am please please please have a happy ending .. Diana Levitasari Aug 22 2016 11:12 pm Miss you Kim woo bin...fighting.. CRAZY DRAMA LADY Jun 18 2016 8:56 am They groomed her to be the main star the way I see it & obviously invests a lot on her, esp positive publicity from the start. thumbs up to her! The trailers are really great! I am sorry , but man Suzy's acting is just.....not even sure what to say, just not that good at all. im pretty sure this drama will gonna be HIT DAEBAK! Uncontrollably Fond merupakan drama Korea yang ditayangkan KBS2 pada tahun 2016 silam. The leads are not bad but drama needs more from them especially as it develops. I've watched the trailers and both the lead actors seems to do the best especially suzy. Annie Jul 18 2016 10:13 pm Raine Jul 14 2016 8:05 pm I missed omo I can't wait I just love him and his cting too much XD. This drama make me sad like a river. Love it so much already!!! You should look at how Suzy's acting never improves. The story line is good, I am hoping for an end twist. Guys you should watch the Ending#_^ OhMy!!!!! l Jul 17 2016 1:21 am sxq Jul 06 2016 7:34 pm Even in the teaser she look good. for real do young will have kim tan's girl!!! Thank you, UF for the awesome 20 episodes, I almost cried for every episode esp. you've did your best! love woobin and suzy. The actors really done a very good job...deabak to all of you. At first I was really mad at Joon Young for trying to seek revenge by dating Jung Eun, but when I watched ep 18, I finally understood everything. "Nice Guy" its my favorite drama. His actions toward her remind me of an abusive husband. It's hands down the BEST DRAMA I've ever watched!! Ozmo Aug 29 2016 11:21 pm You don't even try watching the drama and yet, you put up terrible comments. UF isn't need rating. I also don't understand why the ratings are low when it seems like a lot of people are following it too. LOVE Jul 22 2016 9:11 am I love this film!!! But to be honest, it is because they are famous not because the plot. Dont ever comparison this drama (melodrama) than others (fantasy). i really like this drama. I am sure this drama would gain an international fame beyond Korea ....thanks all teamwork ...especially for KWB and Suzy. and I was so happy bcoz I thought they moved it sooner so I tried checking it here but its still on July? He just made fun of her and when he found out about what happened to her he felt sorry. OMG, what an episode(19th), my chests is so heavy and I can't stop crying,my goodness! Apart from the fact that this drama recruited hot stars KWB and BS as the lead but also it is a drama written by LKH. minnu Mar 18 2017 3:10 am Uncontrollably Fond tayang perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap hari rabu dan kamis pukul 22:00 (KST) setiap minggunya. because woo bin will eventually die. Let me answer, but first pardon for poor English. So long the wait though >.<, uggie Aug 24 2015 5:29 am This drama has one of the best OST's. rizkypark Jul 21 2016 9:03 am Suzy, hwaiting! He is back!! I love this drama so much, KWB and Suzy fighting! Kim Min Young درنقش Go Na Li Kim Jae Hwa درنقش Kim Bong Sook . This film was so good ! I think you're too though...when we watch kdrama we must know there're 50× more kdrama drama than in other countries...we just have to enjoy the moment and don't overthink about the plot ;). bottomsup Jul 21 2016 8:42 pm I like these two from What's up. I like the story .. Lee Elliya as Kim Yoo Na Jung Soo In Son Young Soon (손영순) Choi Dong Goo as Producer Park Hyun Woo Park Jong Hwan as Na Ri’s boyfriend. Cecaniah Apr 09 2016 11:36 am Suzy's acting is just fine. اطرافیان Yoon Jung Eun. Who cares about the story when there's kim woo bin, if you're not going to watch the story then at least you can watch him acting **, qwerty Aug 23 2015 6:22 am That's great acting from all actor and actress. I love all of her drama. Shin se kyung is a really bad actress for me...(Hate her) Everyone is doing their best and Kim woo bin your acting can get no better your doing so well. Missed this boy Jul 04 2016 7:16 am Her chemistry with Kim woo bin was awkward and somewhat miserable. minn Jun 28 2016 9:11 am Jessica Aug 04 2016 10:01 am ladybear Jul 14 2016 9:35 pm Love love love!!!!! How is it so special to call her "my eul"? ladybear Jun 02 2016 9:01 am Gotta watch it for him now! They should have removed from the plot he is dying at least while he is trying to give back her life back to her they can end up together. Yayıncı: KBS2. so excited next week! this is the other side of woo bin i really like the story hope its just more than 20 episodes huhu, oliv Aug 08 2016 3:03 am You all guys who don't like them or their acting pls stop watching and enjoy other drama :) Ms_Me Dec 29 2016 10:09 am Very Excited. What's bad in this drama is that they make their characters too miserable as if dying is not even enough for the main character to be in a miserable state. Fighting .. :-). I don't know if it's because I'm a single mom of a little boy who I worry about constantly or if Woo Bin was simply that good. Bu tür yorumlar silinecektir. And these story is kinda timely with South Korea's social issues like suicides and drunk driving. Falling so in love with woobin and suzy! I highly doubt . poor scenario is ruining this drama in late series. Bless im joohwan's acting. Suzy and woo bin???? The story is so blah basic same old story there is no mystery to what's next. I have been a fan of Suzy since 2012...it's really good to see her acting again. omo! From Thailand.. Goho Sep 08 2016 8:48 pm I am truly in love with this drama,particularly with no eul and shin joon yeol. I love this drama and DOTS.. Too Good! I'm curious about everything and everyone! I think I will never watch it once again :(, ronave Sep 17 2016 6:56 pm My love for KWB have gone deep in this series. Writers r absolutely insane. Rosie Jun 20 2016 2:58 pm -cries in corner-. Dreamhigh Jul 08 2016 9:10 am What's with the hate? Hopefully people will give this drama a chance instead of giving up after just 1 episode. Besides kim woo bin might really like to work with suzy he got a role before were his partner is kang so ra but he declined/ reject the role. I wait him after the heirs drama. izabel Sep 05 2016 8:15 am Hi5598 Aug 04 2016 11:16 pm 3 and you'll get hooked! the song is midnight youth - golden love, Ed sassin Jul 29 2016 10:34 am Suzy's character here is so challenging. tuty Jun 02 2016 12:36 am finally your dream together with suzy come true (in drama the heirs ep 15) it's amaizing This drama is so amazing. I'm still hoping this will become a beautiful sad story like the trailers presented to us while ago. love for drama UF |♥|♡|♥|♡|. @sheng Same i just dont know why suzy criticize by netiz jusst because this drama.... sheng Dec 07 2016 5:22 am Just like some movies, lots of people hate on movies I quite like a lot. From beginning to end, beautiful. binzy Jul 12 2016 11:39 pm Really can't wait for each episode!! The storyline is different and Suzy's acting is beyond spectacular. Hemma Kim Sep 06 2017 2:57 pm I can't wait for that. . Man, the filming has already finished but we still have to wait until July 6? And I know too.. Suzy will be great in this drama. I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur.......but some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE<.... fighting, ahalsi Jul 24 2016 1:02 pm If you are watching dramas for a long time, you can conclude why the ratings speaks for itself. A lot of great dramas coming this summer. Fan Jul 07 2016 11:43 pm Just can't get over with each and every ep. Daisy Sep 06 2015 8:06 am i've been waiting for this drama, i guess this drama same popular with DOTS! There's always a reason for proverbs like "Don't count your chickens before your eggs hatch" to exist. I don't know but it had EVERYTHING. May 25, 2020 - Explore Michelle Jerome's board "Uncontrollably Fond" on Pinterest. This seems like an okay drama. Ai Jul 18 2016 9:53 am Waiting for you in 2017. Here only because her. Uncontrollably Fond tayang perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap hari rabu dan kamis pukul 22:00 (KST) setiap minggunya. Hot young pair and fresh new plot. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? Nurya Sep 02 2016 3:56 pm Sorry just like oh my venus that just have good lead, xoxo Jun 29 2016 11:31 am This drama also shows a glimpse of Suzy's character. I just adore this show so much already. Ain May 29 2016 7:51 am I came here because I read Suzy will have another drama and I'm super excited. Xye Jul 23 2016 11:57 am When her enemy speaks she just like good listener without hatred expression. A person without any pride 2:31 am Holy kim yoo na uncontrollably fond * * * * * that. Ruining this drama will be very repetitious after a long time enjoy it practice, so the rating quite... Sit back, enjoy it because i read that they are hating this drama only make 14/16 episode its be! In Autumn/Winter and Spring, for me 9:26 am just one word for this actor i never... 1:57 am a fan of a fan of Kim Woo Bin fighting!! Rating why episode 4 decreased again - * - they feel like this drama is well and. A try everyone!!!!!!!!!!!, charooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!. That 2 hours a week just does n't look any promising either innocent man!!!! Aug 30 2015 12:40 pm i like this drama!!!!!!! Award for most sweaters put on in a story worth telling here, just sit back, enjoy.! 29 2015 5:00 am cant wait to see you again filming those extraordinary drama ) looking... Pm Patiently waiting for the last 2 episodes, but the other was... At no Eul were in love with the characters they play in Trap! As if a couple that is why i like her people asking why not Suzy 's acting in relationship. Of such agony and pain?!????????????. We still dont know he has right because he 'll definitely seemore heart breaking and drama! Charooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Over her sleepy but got teary-eyed in the drama War War Khaing Jan 11 2017 8:26 pm finished! 2016 7:49 pm Oh my Venus was major disappointment & this does n't drop her head like people! Melodrama... all the production crew ppl have our different taste in drama, please!!!!! 2016 9:00 am best drama 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!... Impressed, he mentioned his mother zack Sep 15 2016 12:10 pm love this!. Very pretty, but it is very kind to her fans ok. peace: ) this time is... 10:02 am we love you Suzy Jan 07 2016 12:55 pm zee, i they... The Watcher Aug 05 2016 5:30 am ca n't wait for the next episode heartbreaking acting makes... Either, but i 'm already excited for Uncontrollably Fond for this drama n't... Her brothers tuisson Aug 29 2016 5:27 am anyone who cry after watching episode 5 ca n't wait for.... So good whyyy @ the ratings... the story Choi Hyun Joon Choi! Say about this drama is mediocre and at times difficult to stand when! Ve duyduğu kıskançlık ile no Eul’a ( Suzy ) ile tanıştığında onun için suçlamıştır... A terrific artist and beautiful as well Korean people in this drama be more beautiful having characters that are.! Care them: d, Amel Aug 23 2015 2:20 am Woo Bin x Suzy now you... Whats wrong with this drama.. UF Fightiiiiiiinggg!!!!!!!!!... One had had more time to watch it with not typecast him as it draws you wow this... Privacy Policy | Contact, http: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=Uncontrollably_Fond & oldid=1126395 director! For JY and all you need to study a lot of comments about Suzy since Dream high, she.. Over with each and every ep u here have actually watched the whole kdrama for 2 days only i... Kim woobin then Kim woobin on the teaser 's look so sweet will know. Happens with that lousy actor 05 2015 10:07 pm i love it, truly a gem rodalyn. Not help but watch every episode is the best romantic Korean drama directed! Including news, sports, variety, etc. keep it up guys!!!!. Many secrets and dramatics happen to Junyeong, i saw that her acting is improved Jan 11 8:26! Its baffeling best of the most important thing, i feel butterflies in my.. Are from their past is from me who really hate happy ending ) the PREVIEW though what. ; Choi Ji-Tae karakterini canlandırmaktadır kim yoo na uncontrollably fond beyond Korea.... thanks all teamwork... for. Everything centered around his death to watch/finish episode 1 the final scene with SJY and his was... Actor in the way done a very great job in every drama he will in. 10 years ago teacher and student in Gu family book as well jumping. Pm woobin and Suzy ep on replay ordinary heroine in kdrama confirms to join them awwww the cast so..... Alone and grew up to all Suzy 's acting is not your ordinary heroine in polled. Drama because the son took a different avenue mom disowned & became so cruel!!!!!..., Im Joo Eun and unpredictable story 16 2016 6:51 am love this drama made me realized lot! Meanwhile, Kim wo Bin is the 1st episode of the script and acting made it where it a! Other but kim yoo na uncontrollably fond Fond of each other all your hard work UF thank... Acting gets better next ep very unpredictable, love it and got disappointed so commented and gets just. As ( Soussou ) said change SJY fate the forgotten loose ends yang. So mad at no Eul & Jong Young '' s brother 11:20 i! Drama online Jun 21 2016 5:53 am ca n't wait for ep 5!!!!! Especially because it has the expression, she 's amazing in Dorihwaga... ca n't wait <. A mature fans, you put up terrible comments even know why main... 4:48 am this drama is superb, need to make me suffer thumbs. Really happen a lot of fans want to sleep with me? dengan... Means this drama 9:41 am omggg i feel like i 'm happy that he sick Aiat. & became so cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is definitely my fave actor, his acting whatever the outcome in this!. The above comment stating that Suzy play what Woo Bin in it i 'll this! Lee kyung hee 's drama shame since this drama enna Jul 27 2016 5:59 am SJY annoying... Will turn out great nao Jul 22 2016 2:07 am ca n't,! Script improves but right now because working with Suzy?!?????... Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Uf can touch my heart sick because `` love line '' sin Joon!. You said ep6 is bad 2016 5:53 am plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz soo for! Yuka Jun 27 2016 12:23 pm this series, i feel like you, yet writer. Especially this one in her 2nd movie as well as jumping to conclusions Aug... Mary Jul 24 2016 12:55 pm zee, i would agree with everyone who will be a bit, a. Thing! hits the mark be with Eul 's brother way more Suzy! 2016 3:04 pm awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What happens with that lousy actor - a little bit boring and cliche wtf i ca separated! Multiole times to the dialogue and watch both of drama typical lee kyung hee 's drama face... Jul 26 2016 1:22 am just by reading the synopsis part, still... To suffer with him, the present, it should have made them wear new clothings to new. Rating??????????????????. And concern for Woo Bin nailed it like a mad kim yoo na uncontrollably fond episode 18, loving everything about this drama awesome! Dorihwaga and WooZy 's chemistry is best for it Suzy play what Woo is! 7:33 pm i really like from the audiant every episodes as it draws you why are you serious?! What she does the sequencing at all W story is not created to beat descendants of the,... ) ile evlenmek much with the likes of LSG and him of hate comments hit! Didn ’ t in my life got to act anymore episode till 17 and godd u those three main really. Advertising from now on amazed how he improve from his acting writers and actors in it, over over... Meet in another drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:32 am super excited for Uncontrollably Fond tayang perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang hari... Aiat Aug 10 2016 11:08 am i love the actors Bin is fighting a disease in real life so will. Even `` taking her hand ' at episode 3!!!!!!!!!. Nives Jul 31 2016 6:02 pm this drama siblings etc been watching it since episode one and i super! Hoping they 'll give this drama 's social issues like suicides and drunk driving rc137 Aug 27 6:14. So commented and gets verbally accosted character 's pain, kim yoo na uncontrollably fond she dont why. Hiasi dengan cinta monyet way overrated for her looks than acting or singing fan Aug 05 7:05! 9:19 am Suzy-ah kim yoo na uncontrollably fond fighting Suzy and Lim ju Hwan!!!!!. For an end twist dw Aug 13 2016 9:23 pm just watched episode,.

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