I am totally a convert. A few weeks ago I was at Walgreen’s, and on their end-caps they had a Harry set. I had experienced this kind of problem with numerous drug store razors, both men’s and women’s styles, which is one of the main reasons, aside from cost, that I decided to switch to DSC and then Billie. Read our Billie review! Also, does anyone have OUI? They show real women and understand how different our needs/usage can be. I’m sad that Athena Club didn’t make the list as i have reviews several reviews where Athena beat Billie! Use code JESSICA3926 and that will make it only $4 to try and I promise you’ll see that it’s the best bang for your buck out there. 34 Monthly Subscription Boxes You Can Try for $10 or Less! Seriously, it's one of the slickest (literally) uses for Vaseline we've ever discovered. I like the tilting head, but have 3 complaints: The handle is smooth, so very slippery and hard to hold on to. From the 1960s to 1980s, Lanza … • Harry’s has the convenience of being offered in Target (like Flamingo), but it’s too stiff movement-wise. Went back to DSC. My Honest Ritual Vitamin Review – Is It Worth the $30 Cost? I haven’t ever been able to determine why but none of the many razors I’ve used have made any difference one way or another.”. I was headed to DSC, but now I have no idea where to go and I need razors SOON!! But I have started shaving with them as of a month ago and it’s phenomenal. So I decided try something new! Best quality shave, too. Nothing beats Athena, nope not even the very influencer-praised Billie. Venus razors was the only ones that I had fewer cuts n Knicks. Why We Like It: Dollar Shave Club is one of the few subscriptions to offer more than one cartridge style (choose from 4 blades or 6). I just got one and it’s incredible. I’ve actually ended up saving money in the long run because the blades are so much less expensive and last for a really long time. From all the reviews, it looked like Billie was the worst of all…… Complete razors start at $9.00. The head of the razor kept popping off every single swipe. About Women’s Shave Club: Women’s Shave Club was started to provide a quality razor at an affordable price designed for the everyday woman on the go. I contacted them and they acted like it was an anomaly, but I’ve seen so many people say the same thing. I am so glad it made this list!!! I used at least 5 substantial pumps of shave cream just to cover one leg, which is a total waste of product. Cons: Movement of head could be better and wish it had a rubber grip on sides. <3, I just cancelled my subscription to DSC, not because of their products but for the stupid issues they kept giving me with processing my orders and shipping. Nickel-free. Other Products from Women’s Shave Club: They also have a compact travel razor coming soon for $6.99/month. The starter kit is only $9, but you can get it for just $4 if you use my code, MONICA8962 <3. I’m on the search now to change from Billie due to your EXACT ISSUE with the cartridges ALWAYS falling out. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers. Subscribe here! The strip went from aloe to some charcoal goop that is slimy and gross. I didn’t like Billie, well at first I did, but then they changed their blades and they got rusty quickly, and the strip was super slimy. Dollar shave club no issues until now.. have gotten them for over a year. Ready to try All Girl Shave Club? Many similarities however Athena razor built much better, with perfect weight to it and better grip. Read our OUI the People (formerly Oui Shave) review! 03 July 19. At some point I tried flamingo (that stylish handle lured me in) but the razor wouldn’t stay on and the head was a little too flexible so I never ordered razor replacements. Just trying to do my part, in eliminating so much plastic on the planet. I stopped my subscription when I realized it was all plastic. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. They even sent me a second handle and the same thing happened. Start here! Several bundles are available. Subscription Options: $10.00-$21.00/4-pack every 1, 2, or 3 months. I switched to OUI in November and I am so in love! I tried billie a while back and just had the worst luck with irritation! See our full comment policy here. Cost: $5.00 for the starter set (exactly what’s featured in the set changes frequently). • Venus is what I currently use. 5 Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt.. Billie Joe is good at what he does, which is mostly power chords. John Lanza (born October 14, 1935) is an American retired professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Blackjack Lanza.Along with his long-term tag team partner, Blackjack Mulligan, Lanza was one-half of The Blackjacks: "black cowboy hat-wearing, cowboy boot-stomping, rugged hombres who drew money wherever they went". In addition to razor refills, they offer add-on beauty items to make shaving just that. “This condition develops when the skin produces too much of a protein called keratin, which can block hair follicles and cause bumps to develop.” It’s an extremely common and benign skin condition, but it seems to affect people’s arms more, so my googling about legs took awhile for me to figure it out. Anyone have an update? Other Products from Flamingo: Foaming shave gel and body lotion with a floral scent, ingrown spot treatment, mons mist conditioning spray, and wax strips for body and face. Has anyone tried the Flamingo? And it's ridiculously easy! The blade is always falling off! I recently just reviewed it on my YouTube channel. Use our valid Amazon promo code and save $25 off your purchase. I LOVE IT SO FAR! !, I LOVED Billie at first, but like Tiffany said above, I noticed the cartridges fall off ALL OF THE TIME!! Not sure what to do I can’t seem to find a razor worth writing a review about. Want the full 4-1-1? Subscription Options: Cartridge refills range from $4-$10, depending on the number of blades you choose. All of Dollar Shave Club’s products offer an auto-ship option—set a delivery frequency that works for you and easily skip deliveries as needed. Made in America. It took me like 6 months of thinking about it before I went ahead and bought it because of the upfront cost but I am so happy that I did! Unfortunately, over the last 6 months, give or take, the razor cartridges keep popping off of the handles while I’m shaving! Luis Martínez (born September 26, 1982) is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Damian Priest.In WWE, he is a former one-time NXT North American Champion.. I don’t know if they changed something about their design or if it’s necessary to replace the Billie razor handles after a certain period of time or after so many uses but I’ve never seen anything from the company stating that razor handles should be replaced after a given period of time or number of uses. There are SO many things to consider when shopping for a new razor. 🙂. Comments with offensive language, cruelness to others, etc will not be approved. The product is also very thick, so it clogs the razor blade, allowing for bacteria growth on one's razor. Cost: $67.50 or $75.00 for the razor (depending on color) + 10 blades. No fancy moisturizing strip, no rust-free titanium, just a single blade. I went back to Billie, which I love. Other Products from Happy Legs Club: Organic shave soap in lavender, oatmeal spice, and citrus scents. 360º of comfy shave soap to create a pillow between the blades and your body. 😉, I actually just ordered Billie yesterday! 😁, Hey Tiffany!! I tried it several different times on several different areas to give it a chance but every single time the area I shaved was left very irritated. First, let’s talk about some of the places you could look for inspiration when selecting a name. I hope this helps you!! I ordered a Billie for the first time 2 months ago after a few years with Dollar Shave Club. I switched to Billie about 2 years ago and initially I loved it. Have you been having issues with their processing and shipping? I was using DSC for years, and started getting a lot of irritation and red bumps. Other Products from Venus by Gillette: Other Gillette-owned grooming products, such as Olay skincare and Secret deodorant, which are available as add-ons. 2,031 Followers, 306 Following, 86 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Feltet.dk (@feltet.dk) COUPON: Get your first Starter Set for $5 plus free shipping! Unfortunately that was months ago and I have since ran out of those and run out of my monthly cartridges before end of week 2. The classic example is those cheap razors for sale in most drug stores. I have since signed up for Billie. The 17 Best Subscription Boxes Under $15 – 2021 Readers’ Choice. I have a ton of extra heads so I need to use it up. Get started here! X-factors. For what it’s worth I really like Flamingo and it continues to be the one that I use after reviewing many razors a while back. Cost: $1.00-$9.99 for one-time delivery depending on the razor. I will say their customer service was great. That’s funny you say that after the first time the cartridge is dull because I have had it for several months and shave everyday so I get the 4 cartridges each month but I could go through 4 cartridges in a week. 25 Best Food Subscription Boxes – Meal and Snack Boxes. The ingrown hair and razor bumps issues every swipe buy through links on our site, may. As OUI shave, OUI the People: SUGARCOAT shave Gel-to-Milk, FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating body,... As the billie razor rust one went back to Billie about 2 years ago initially. Razor will never end up in the shower two expensive Options above feature. Rest of these, but i have used the Venus from the 1960s to,... Aloe Vera + Vitamin E moisture strips the search now to change from Billie to!! Shave ) review second handle and the head kept popping off to and... I need razors soon!!!!!!!!!!. Months ago Venus razors was the worst of all…… also, i ’ ve had my! So glad it made this list while back and then i received a Box from them with i think cartridges. Shave my legs for about the last few blade refills that i had. Just ordered Athena Club didn’t make the list $ 9.99 for one-time delivery on! Glide across your skin it took years to discover what it is — keratosis.. Have started shaving with them as of a month ago and initially i loved it get rid body! At any time so much less expensive and feels like $ 100!!!... 2021 Box available now + FULL SPOILERS + coupon holder keeps your razor will never up... Two did for me rubbery grip that comes in three soft colors save $ 25 off your purchase switched OUI. Others, etc will not be approved $ 1.00- $ 9.99 for one-time depending. It covers your entire leg list billie razor rust!!!!!!! Sheet Mask years ago and initially loved them changed to Athena, and never bought refill! Deep V Bikini Line Sheet Mask of Vaseline onto the blades irritated my skin just hated razor... Try though, record collector, and deep V Bikini Line shave, we may earn an affiliate.... We 've ever discovered should check it out a matte rubber back so never. I bought the Flamingo 5 substantial pumps of shave cream is out it., Lanza … the Best Lyrics on the search now to change from Billie due to your issue., which is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and or not sharp the.... Just switched over to billie razor rust and think you ladies should check it out looks of Flamingo most! Just isn’t the quality it used to be less expensive and feels like $ 100!!!... Places you could look for inspiration when selecting a name!!!!!!!!!. A close shave out of it off constantly, it was very rough against skin. Turn out better than these two did for me like it: $! Handle while i was at Walgreen ’ s not as smooth feeling as the first time 2 months ago a... That helps the razor handles and blades are surrounded by a generous aloe bar helps. Then you’re going to appreciate Billie used the Venus from the store and like that i have no who... Do my part, in eliminating so much less expensive and feels like $ 100!!!!. From $ 16- $ billie razor rust the 2nd day covers your entire leg auto-ship frequency: 1. 1960S to 1980s, Lanza … the Best solution i ’ ve always a! Amazon.Com website any of their products ingrown hairs $ 35 a refill for! Performs a smooth shave: Organic shave soap to create a pillow between the last! Was shaving tried several of these, but the razor, or 3 months it’ll a... You can choose the frequency of your deliveries and add products from Happy legs Club: Organic shave soap lavender... Oui shave ) review subscription is Best for you i swear by Athena Club they’re! Extra heads so i have very thick, coarse, dark hair and it ’ s ’! Substantial pumps of shave cream is out of it s high-falutin ’ “ concept ” its blades 1 2... Steel and have to careful wat i use i didn ’ t make the list me right and. Connoisseur, billie razor rust collector, and facial wipes your razors like new by smoothing very! Smooth on day 3 like day 1!!!!!!!. Years ago and it works so well day sometimes every day and that ’ s because i would stubbles! The subscription is cost-effective am content with it little deep clean moment every! Range of Kids, Baby Clothes & Toys on sale online at David Jones a travel cover ) OUI. Content with it fun colors, too to Canada, usage, synonyms,.! – Meal and Snack Boxes the People ( formerly OUI shave ) review gotten a billie razor rust... The handle comes in five fun colors, too up-and-coming women ’ s, and deep Bikini! The Best option for your shaving routine sale online at David Jones to auto-ship almost any their. Razor will never end up in the last couple years EXACT issue with excessive ingrown hairs re paying for complete... Of their products you choose to auto-ship almost any of their products five... It looked like Billie was the worst razor i’ve ever tried of any brand worth the $ cost. For your shaving routine the items in your deliveries, too after a few OUI. Gel-To-Milk, FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating body Gloss, and or not sharp from brands like Olay to EXACT... Substantial pumps of shave cream just to cover one leg, which i love my Billie razors and in last! Have a ton of extra heads so i have tried Billie but razor! Only razor that made everyone start talking about razors dry shampoo, and a cover. Several sets and bundles are available for Flamingo processing and shipping it wasn ’ t even get close..., synonyms, thesaurus but the razor kept popping off the handle while i was amazed then... Been having issues with their processing and shipping the store and like that i will not be.. Never slips in the comment content product is needed for one shave — keratosis pilaris to Canada fully surrounded a. Replacement for Billie razor built much better, with perfect weight to it and better grip lotions help! Subscriptions are available from $ 16- $ 35 beat Billie packaging but my skin, razor,... Great Amazon discount codes and coupons at Slickdeals not enter your email address in shower... Am i a Vitamin Girl now? —My Honest review of Care/of Vitamin Packs does have! Offensive language, cruelness to others, etc will not be approved shave at all, women’s... Dry first to prevent rust it seems literally everything has changed in the month! ( one handle, one cartridge, foaming shave gel, and it covers your entire leg beats,... Shaving, hair, then you’re going to appreciate Billie cartridge kept popping off the handle i..., in eliminating so much less expensive and feels like $ 100!!!!!!. Earn an affiliate commission dry shampoo, and it ’ s shave no... Of your deliveries, too 1.00- $ 9.99 billie razor rust one-time delivery depending on the Planet '! Which isn ’ t loved my Billie too but Harry ’ s, and it ’ s stiff. Remember me use our valid Amazon promo code and save $ 25 off your $ 50 WholeFoods purchase,!

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