I don’t like shortening my name.  Jeff Scott sounds too impersonal—too much like I want to shake your hand vigorously so that I leave a good impression, but never get to know you as a person.  No offence to any Jeff Scotts out there, but I need to have the “free” in my name.

Actually, according to the web address at the top of this page, it’s Jeffrey C. Scott, which is, in my opinion, a very strong “book-cover” name.  It rings a little, just like J. K. Rowling or J. R. R. Tolkien.  I like that my name could easily belong on the cover of a novel—writing one of those has been the dream for a long time.

It was the dream since as early as my elementary school years, when I lived in my small Alabamian hometown.  It was the dream when my family and I moved to a small-but-not-as-small town in South Carolina, where I finished high school.  It was the dream through my education at Queens University of Charlotte, in North Carolina, where I received my BA in English-Literature in May of 2016.

And it’s still the dream today—to write a novel and have it published alongside the others at the local bookstores.  I can’t tell you why I’m waiting…maybe the right idea hasn’t come along yet; maybe I want to see my life look a little less hectic before I add a novel to my list of things to accomplish; maybe I just need a confidence cocktail to boost the spirits.  Whatever the reason, I’ll take my chances with patience.  In the meantime, I thought I’d start up a blog.

So call me Jeffrey, and enjoy my musings!